Aug 2019

The council have finally agreed to sell us the shed attached to the back of the church and have agreed rights of servitude. £12,000 for sheds and rights of servitude. £1,000 for their fees. £1,000 for our solicitor

April 2019

So great to see Lenn at work! Thanks for help all, of course we’re still rather bankrupt for this start on the roof. Any little helps.

April 2019

Hello dear friends.

Starting work on the roof is imminent, Lenn is sourcing scaffolding and weather permitting the work will start next week. However, we have called in all the favours for funds including everything the bank will give us. Not sure where the next meal is coming from, but at least a corner of the church should stop dripping water for a long time to come, fingers crossed for another 180 years!

Any help with funds would be so very gratefully received, thank you!

Best wishes

Justin and TyLean Tuijl

March 2019

Hi all, we had a quote for the roof for 58k from LKU Roofing (owner Lenn Urquhart) recommended to us by Kenny the local postman! We are looking for grants and funding but we can’t apply for those until we have been in the church for a year. So we are getting the job started with Lenn on the worst corner with our savings and wedding gift money. We’re so excited to be finally moving forward with the roof and are looking forward to stopping that corner getting wet inside and the worry of it collapsing. The picture shows the corner in question. Best wishes, Justin and TyLean Tuijl.

March 2019

Any help with funds or spreading the word would be so much appreciated, we are hoping to at least start work on the roof next month. We have our own scaffolding and a super quote from LKU Roofing. Weather permitting!