About the church, history, the central communion table

From 1840 to 1987: History of the church (pdf)

A History of the Church Continues…

Formally known as the Lochcarron Parish Church, the building was completed in 1840 and is grade B listed. It was able to contain 700 to 800 people. In 1987, The Church of Scotland put it in the hands of the council who only hosted funerals.

2005 debacle

It was de-consecrated and turned over to private hands in 2005. His vision was to cover it all with plywood and paint his own Sistine Chapel. He gutted the pews, organ, wall coverings etc. and burnt them in a terrific bonfire on the golf course, which was reported as being so fierce that the nearest neighbours feared their houses would burn as well. Luckily, he gave up on his vision, some say for health reasons. Unluckily, he did nothing to renovate the church and left it sitting in disrepair for 13 years.

Very rare central communion table

The church has a very rare long central communion table, similar to the one in Howmore Church in the Outer Hebrides. Ours is not fenced in, though it is possible the former owner removed it. Ours does not contain a break like the Howmore one.

lochcarron church central communion table

central communion table