Sept 2019

When you own a building like this, you know that you are just the custodians for a short period of its life. I used to own a classic car, and it has gone on to a new owner; I spent a fortune on it, and then passed it on. The car may outlive me, the church certainly will. However, we have become the custodians at a critical point in its life. This building has a history of neglect and the roof is now in critical need of being replaced. The roof has not been looked after for a very long time indeed. We have inherited a dilemma. Our own funds are exhausted due to a death and my wife’s health failing. We have the vision for the building and know what we are going to do with it. It will serve tourists and locals. We have a purpose for the building for the next decades until we die and pass the building onto the future. The most important thing is to save this building, as right now it is in the biggest danger it has ever been of becoming a ruin. We are currently applying for grants. We are also keen to get more testimonials from people who love this building and want it to be saved. Best wishes, Justin.

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