Welcome friends!

Lochcarron church, is being restored to former glory. Deconsecrated Church in the Highlands of Scotland: tourist attraction, event space, community venue, photography venue, filming venue.

The church will be open to the public regularly.

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Please see the New Roof Campaign

we raising funds for a new roof!

We have had several open days now where many from the local community visited us and tourists. Currently, it's a bit of a building site inside, so we can't just have the public in randomly right now. However, If you would like a free tour of the inside please contact us at: info@lochcarronchurch.com

Thank you for visiting!

Justin and TyLean Tuijl


About the church.

Formally known as the Lochcarron Parish Church. It was built in 1836 and is a grade B listed building. It was able to contain 700 to 800 people. In 1987 it was put in the hands of the council and only really hosted funerals. It was de-consecrated and turned over to private hands in 2005. It remained with that owner, who did little with it but remove a lot of the fixtures and fittings, until we bought it in 2018.

What is it for now?

  • Tourist attraction
  • Filming and photograph venue
  • Exhibition space
  • Event space
  • Community venue
  • A very small part is our home (while we renovate it)

Off Grid

We intend for the building to be as off grid as possible. So far we have a rainwater harvesting system using roof water. We have a composting toilet.


We will be looking to hold events at the church in the near future. Please contact us for more details. We are interested in holding exhibitions, events, community functions and more.

Film and Photography Venue

The church is available venue inside for filming and photographic shoots. Please contact us for more details.

New Roof Campaign

Hi all, to coincide with us on radio programmes we are looking into grants as well as our own input. It means with grants we need to raise a certain amount this way. Any donations would so gratefully be received, thank you:

Lochcarron East Church, or the Old Parish Church, is a 180 year old building in the Highlands of Scotland owned by Justin and TyLean Tuijl. We purchased it in May 2018 and have been working on it since in order to turn it into a venue for events and functions embracing the local community and the wider community of friends of the church and tourists. The roof is in a bad way, it has been left for 30 years without being maintained. It is suffering from “nail sickness” which is because the nails that hold the slates on are rusting and one by one the slates are falling to the ground. This is because we are a few meters from the salt water of the Loch. The owner before us bought the property 13 years ago but was unable to do any repairs due to ill health. We want to save this 180 year old building in order to open it to the public for events and so forth, this space should be used. Community and wider, we are on the tourist trail, the NC500.  We already have local roofers working for us and we can raise a substantial part of the cost ourselves. We are also applying for grants. Due to a death in the family we are a lot tighter on funds than we were. We desperately want to save this building and have just caught it in time, as big holes are developing on the roof just recently, we will patch for the winter and start the roof in earnest in the spring. We have purchased our own scaffolding.  We have had quotes for the roof which range from £50.000 to £100.000. It all depends how rotten the wood is. Saving this iconic building for the future is our main aim. It will be here long after us all, if the roof is saved now. Thank you! Justin and TyLean.