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Lochcarron church, a deconsecrated church in private hands being restored to former glory.

The church will be open to the public regularly.

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we are having a new roof!

If you would like a free tour of the inside please contact us at: info@lochcarronchurch.com

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Justin and TyLean

A home and a space

We have a very big project ahead of us, as the church does need extensive repairs and services installed, but we intend to convert the two downstairs rooms into a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The main room of the church we want to preserve as much as possible. We both work in the arts, so this will be an ideal creative space for both of us, and we thought perhaps in the future (well into the future) we may hold events there. But on the whole, we mostly want to preserve the church as is as much as possible and install renewable, eco-friendly services.

Our purchase of the church is only the footprint of the church itself. The graveyard will remain in the possession of the council for maintenance.

We had an open house after the sale on the 20th of May for anyone to come have a tour of the building as it is now, and we told them about our plans for the future of the church.

We will have regular open days from now on and the ultimate aim is to have community and private events there.


About the church.

Formally known as the Lochcarron Parish Church. It was built in 1836 and is a grade B listed building. It was able to contain 700 to 800 people. In 1987 it was put in the hands of the council and only really hosted funerals. It was de-consecrated and turned over to private hands in 2005. It remained with that owner, who did little with it but remove a lot of the fixtures and fittings, until we bought it in 2018.

What is it for?

  • Film and photograph venue inside.
  • We welcome film and photograph shoot enquiries
  • Event space
  • Community venue
  • Our home!